Are you that lucky individual that has the task to arrange for shipping? Here is what you need to know.

Rule number 3

Domestic transports can be tough enough, but when you have to consider shipping for international trade, you may start to get worried about who are the players involved and what is/are their added value.
Knowing all players isrelated to your shipping T/C and if you are using brokers somewhere along the chain of shipping.

Therefore, know all parties involved and with knowing I mean have their contact details and time zones at hand as you will need it, regularly.

Rule number 2

Confirming it and then arranging it and eventually collecting it does not happen overnight, I know this and if you did not find out the hard way you knew and now know this also. Nevertheless, it surprises me how often our dear friends think we can still make the vessel that will depart in three days. Ain’t going to happen and don’t pressure your players as you will need them again.

Time is key, prepare ahead, confirm ahead and instruct your players ahead and remember, your customer is also a player that need preparation.

Rule number 1

This is the dough between rule number 2 and rule number 3, without this your players will not perform, at some point. One starts with a Quote based on the T/C, makes a total sum of charges and costs to be received by the players, informs the client 1 total sum with a validation date and description of shipment linked to these costs. Any changes along the chain of operation will affect the total sum and that bill will be send to your mailbox (assuming you are paperless).

Charges, look ahead and prepare your costs as precise as possible, not knowing is no excuse as it is your job to know. Increased costs while the quoted service did not change is not cool and it is probably the last time you shipped for that customer.


Although knowing what is in the box is important (see our overweight article), don’t forget what happens and need to happen around the box. Remember these three rules and be friendly to your players and you will be fine. Else, rule number 1 will be activated.

If you feel you are being neglected in one of these three rules allow us to show you the strength of preparation.


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Are you that lucky individual that has the task to arrange for shipping? Here are three rules you need to know.
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