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Bid expires on 2014-10-29, 20:00:00

LT651-40x40 reefer containers per month from Rotterdam to Umm Qasr, Iraq

Rotterdam , Netherlands

Bid expires on 2014-11-27, 18:45:00

LT636-30x20 HC - 10,000 Tons from Jeddah to Luanda seaport. Angola.

Jeddah , Saudi Arabia

Bid expires on 2014-11-26, 18:45:00

LT635-10x40 HC - 10,000 Tons from Jeddah to Luanda seaport. Angola.

Jeddah , Saudi Arabia

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Logistics Trader is a nvocc licensed cargo marketplace with the simple goal to bridge the gap between people and businesses needing to ship and those who can do that for you in the most cost effective and efficient way. Whether you are a customer looking to ship items or a Freight Forwarder, on Logistics Trader platform you can post your shipping needs, communicate with other logistics providers through integrated messages, place/receive a bid and make arrangements to set up your shipment in the most effective way! Logistics Trader matches your shipping needs with the best shipping options out there, facilitating lower prices and higher service levels.

Logistics Trader launched in November 2011 with the mission to bring lower shipping costs and higher transparency to customers and on the flip side increase business and quality for logistics carriers. Whether you are shipping to America, Europe, Africa or the Middle East, you will always find your best logistics quotes and options on Logistics Trader! Post your load,... More...